The Health Tech Cluster is an initiative promoted by the department “ACCIÓ” within the regional Government of Catalonia (La Generalitat de Catalunya). This Cluster group is made up of companies in the Health Technology Sector of Catalonia dedicated to the development of sanitary products, in-vitro diagnosis, as well as eHealth and mHealth. These companies provide technology solutions to many Health care problems as well as playing a major role in maintaining the long term sustainability of Catalonia’s health care system.

The Catalonian Health Care System is considered as an international reference for technological advances worldwide. With over 200 companies in the sector, a 3 billion euro turnover and 11,000 workers, the Health Care System is considered a key part in the Catalonian economy.
Part of the initiative for the Health Tech Cluster is to interchange experiences and professional “know-how” with other countries. The latest example of this was organised in spring 2016 when a group of health care professionals from Colombia were invited to come to Catalonia to see firsthand how the system works.

During the seven day visit, the delegates had the opportunity to meet the Catalonian Minister of Health, Toni Comin as well as visiting several renowned hospitals. They also visited the ESADECREAPOLIS, headquarters of the Health Tech Cluster and were received by the president of the institute, Albert Gallart. During a reception offered for the delegates, the president encouraged them to “join forces to achieve a great goal rather than that of any one individual company and design a strategy based on the market leaders within the sector”

Organization of the “Familiarization Trip”

Cooking Communication was pleased to participate in this event, organizing journalists to cover the familiarization trip as well as coordinating the guest list and registrations.

They also provided marcoms in the form of roll-ups and posters and printed leaflets with key findings regarding the Health Tech Cluster which were given to the delegates during the reception in ESADECREAPOLIS.