Social Media and Digital Communication for PRIMA-DERM

PRIMA-DERM Laboratories, dedicated to the continuous development of health and beauty solutions for the skin have entrusted Cooking Communication to manage their social media accounts and blogs for their brands; SingulaDerm, one.gen/0.1 and Skin Method, as well as their unique flaghship store in Spain, the Skin Genomic Center Barcelona.

Cooking Communication has managed their social media accounts since 2015, selecting each one in accordance with the objective to create and foment B2B or B2C relationships.

PRIMA-DERM has its own LinkedIn account with the objective of creating new relationships with possible partners worldwide and professionals within the beauty and pharmaceutical sectors.
On the other hand, their three cosmetic brands as well as the Skin Genomic Center Barcelona are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, creating a community of clients whilst boosting the content generated on their blogs.